al In Goodsprings

Original Mod

alchestbreach Companion Mod





First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Nuka Cola Factory - Part 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Tiny Adventure Land! - Part 2


AlChestBreach Clones ("Brothers")






Temporary Companions

alchestbreach (not to be mistaken with AlChestBreach) is a clone and a temporary companion of Al who first met him in Goodsprings.

Origin Edit

Al recruits alchestbreach outside the Prospector Saloon, but was confused that he looks like him. He asks Buddy Chicken about him, but doesn't answer.

Appearances Edit

He first appears in New Vegas Mods: Nuka Cola Factory - Part 1 where he sits outside the Prospector Saloon when Al came up to him. When Al goes to Freeside to look for workers for the Nuka Cola Factory, alchestbreach briefly disappears. Al asks Crier Breach of his whereabouts, but unironically appeared in the Atomic Wrangler, but Al only realized he reappeared when they were in Freeside again. Al then shoots alchestbreach unconscious.

He later appears in New Vegas Mods: Tiny Adventure Land! - Part 1 where he once again follows Al to a large-scale version of the Mojave. When they were on top of a kitchen cabinet in Victor's Shack, Al pushed him off onto the stove.

Trivia Edit

  • He is sometimes called by the real Al a "hobo".
  • Aside from his name and manner of speaking, the only other differences from the real Al is that his hat is colored black and wears no sunglasses.

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