Al Breach
Al Breach
Al in The Sims 4.


EP 16 -



Al Breach is a character in the game The Sims 4. He is a sim created by Al and is the Sims 4 version of himself, AlChestBreach. He lives in the RLF Friends house. 


Al first appears in episode 16, creepily staring at the walls. He then turns to watch Bobby Duggart walk around the house. Bobby, noticing this, goes to rudely introduce himself to Al and the two argue because of this. He is later seen eating food before Bobby leaves. 

He also appears in Al's Cop Family playthrough, making his first appearance in episode 4 when Donny goes to his house. The two chat for a bit before Al invites Donny inside. He watches Donny try to burn down their house, although does nothing to stop him.  


  • Bobby wished to burn down his house. 
  • Even though Al said he might do a RLF playthrough, it is unlikely we will ever see an RLF playthrough and Al made these characters just for the sake of having them as he did in Sims 3.

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