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AlChestBreach is a YouTuber who releases videos reviews of modifications, often referred to as "Mods", of the game Fallout: New Vegas and modded playthroughs of Fallout 3, a Survival/Adventure playthrough of Minecraft and has recently been working on a "Let's Play" of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and other games. In some of his videos, he makes up songs from what seems to be off the top of his head. In the Fallout videos, he has his famous modded companions "Mister Cuddlesworth" and "Jerry McGhoulBerry" and a numerous amount of others. The signature part of his videos isn't the mods or the playthroughs, but his amazing sense of humor. He is pure awesome. Because of his awesomeness, an entire wiki has been devoted to him and his videos.

Alduster Al junior
AlChestBreach A.J.
Jerry hq2 Mr cuddles Rsz steve the radroach
Jerry McGhoulBerry Mister Cuddlesworth Steve
Ballarms22344 Janet Sizzler
Captain Ballarms Janet Sizzler
Kumiho Vanessa Player
Kumiho Vanessa Axe Man

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