Hello all & welcome to the AlChestBreach Timeline-Gold. This is a project that I started inspired by the exploits of Albert C. Breach. It's in a format similar to the SWT-G by Nathan P. Butler. So sit back, relax and read on.

  • On 19th October, 2077, following a hostile takeover by Robert House, Anthony Hollander, owner of the Hollander Hotel in Las Vegas, commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. His ghost would haunt the rebuilt Hollander Hotel in Freeside following the Great War until Albert C. Breach freed him from the hotel several years later. (New Vegas: Hollander Hotel - Part 2) (Anthony mentions this after being shown the Pip-Boy by Albert.)
  • On 23rd October, 2077, Salty Jak, his wife Nora & son Shaun are at home preparing for an event at the Veteran's Hall in Cambridge, when a Vault-Tec representative arrives to inform the family that they've been accepted into Vault 111. Moments later, they are forced to head to the Vault when the newsreader on the television confirms sightings of nuclear missiles. They enter the Vault just as the bombs fall. However, as soon as they arrive underground, they are tricked into entering Cryogenic Sleep tubes. They will not be disturbed until 2227, when they'll be awoken by agents of the Institute. (Fallout 4 Playthrough - Part 1 - A New Beginning)
  • One week prior to John Goodman being hired for Randall & Associates, a caravan is attacked by an unknown Bandit group. Chesty, a guard for the caravan, is the only known survivor but is hit in the leg and is crippled. A bounty is placed on the unknown person & Chesty would be visited by Goodman & his companion's looking into the attack. (Fallout New Vegas Mods: New Vegas Bounties Part 2) (Steven mentions when the event takes place after John killed Tom Quigley.)
  • On 27th November, 2281, Courier John Goodman & his companion's Raul Tejada and Rex discover an advert for a job in the Bounty Hunting career posted by Randall & Associates at the saloon in Goodsprings. On the way there to accept the job offer, they engage in combat with a few ghouls prior to their arrival at R&A. They meet Steven Randall, owner & operator of the firm. John accepts the job, with the first target being Tom Quigley, a former NCR ranger who "contracted syphilis and steadily lost his fucking mind" according to Steven. Due to this, Quigley was kicked out of the Rangers and turned to banditry & murder. When John asks Steven whom he works for, Steven replies "That's for me to know and you to find out.". John then heads off with Raul & Rex to find and end Quigley's reign of banditry. They find him southwest of the Brewer's beer bootlegging and successfully kill him. They then take his finger in return as proof to show to Steve. (Fallout New Vegas Mods: New Vegas Bounties Part 1)
  • Having just killed Tom Quigley and taking his finger, John Goodman, Raul Tejada and Rex head back to Randall & Associates. Shortly after arriving back, they are attacked by a group of Ghouls, who are easily killed by John, Raul & Rex. After informing Steven Randall of Quigley's demise, the trio are given a bounty on an unknown person who attacked a Caravan a week ago. The only known survivor, Chesty, is currently at the Big Horn Saloon in Boulder City, drinking all his problems away. John & his companions then head there and ask Chesty who was responsible. Chesty points out the location of the raid on John's Pip-Boy. It's here where John would equip his soon-to-be popular Bounty Hunter Duster for the first time. After arriving at the spot that the raid occured at, John then search the ash remains of an unknown person. (However, the remains loot bit doesn't load at first & Al is forced to restart the quest, only to be killed & "raped" by Cazador's.) They then find Quantrill's Diary amongst the remains which mentions a man named Onoda attempting to attack a Brotherhood of Steel base. John then is able to quickly kill Onoda and put an end to the attack. They then return to Steven & John commands Raul & Rex to stay with Steven after turning in the Bounty. (Fallout New Vegas Mods: New Vegas Bounties Part 2)
  • After ordering Rex & Raul Tejada to stay behind, John Goodman obtains another job off Steven Randall. He asks why he can't bring their heads instead of their fingers. Steven replies by asking if John is a pyschopath. He then goes onto explain that its quicker to bring fingers and confirms that he isn't building a finger necklace, before explaining that he learnt it from a Marshal Cooper, the bravest lawman & bounty hunter Steven encounted. Steven then tells John that he witnessed Cooper kill three raiders single-handedly "with a fucking fork!".

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