AlChestBreach Clones are genetic duplicates of AlChestBreach, each are equipped with varied cybernetics (sometimes, having none at all), making them cyborgs. Fans began to notice growing abundance of AlChestBreach lookalikes in New Vegas, a theory had developed that the Business Radroaches had cloned Al, possibly plan to build an AlChestBreach army. Despite this, many clones of Al are friendly and sometimes even travel with Al. This may imply they are either spying on Al, or had gone rogue. It was later revealed that the theory of clones were created from Business Radroaches was apparently true.

Notable Clones Edit

  • Crier Breach - One of the most popular clones in Al's videos. He got a job as a crier for the Atomic Wrangler to replace the original crier because she died of "Ebolaids". He currently resides in Freeside and is usually shown every time Al visits the place. He frequently references that he is a robot alongside a clone, making him also a Robo-Crier.
  • alchestbreach - or "Lowercase al" as his original calls him, is a companion of Al featured in a couple of his reviews.
  • AlChestBreach Birthday Brigadiers - The normally friendly Birthday Brigade was found hostile and attempted to kill Al. After Al disposed of them, and upon inspection, found that the Birthday Brigade that attacked him were his clones sent to kill him, or his "dopplegangers".
  • A Kings Gang Member - A clone(s) that replace the "Good Benefit King" with an Al clone that has one line: "Hey, aren't you the one goin' around...advertising Wendy's?". They appear in some videos and are from the mod Al Chestbreach Good Benefit King.
  • Cunty McLean - A weapon of the Business Radroaches.
  • Clone Army - Blank-eyes, grey-haired clones of Al that serve as foot soldiers to the Business Radroaches. Each are equipped with varied cybernetics (sometimes, having none at all), technically making them cyborgs.
  • Chef - A clone infiltrating the Remnants and was killed under unknown circumstances. His body appears in New Vegas Mods: Project Ascension - Part 2 where Crier Breach finds him and reports his death to his superiors.
  • Pornstar Crew - A crew of porn stars impersonating Al, Janet, Jerry, and Ballarms. They appear in Eliza, with actor-Janet and actor-Ballarms sleeping on a bed full of radios, while the Al-actor gives actor-Jerry a birthday lapdance.

Notable Robo-Criers Edit

Robo-Criers are the more robotic synthetic clones of Crier Breach (hence the name), they often form the elite units within the Radios and could be typically seen equipped with high-tech gear and other various cybernetics. However, from New Vegas Mods: The Breach War - Part 1, it is hinted that some Robo-Criers had gone rogue and not all agreed with the Radio's power over the Mojave, hinting self-awareness. They often have silver hair, pale skin, and grayed pupils.

  • Crier-X0286 - A Rogue Robo-Crier who is equipped with a green bandolier, a grey duster, and bandages wrapped around his arms. He was spotted and immediately killed by Crier during a rebel attack.
  • Crier-T811B - A Robo-Crier who is equipped with standard gear. T811B was the replacement for Crier Breach for a while before being put back into stasis. He seems to be a bit more sentient than some of his peers and is capable of complex thought. He is quite skilled in combat and had shown to be somewhat similarly matched with Crier Breach.