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AlChestBreach is Al's playable character in the game Fallout: New Vegas. He is a courier and is typically seen wearing a duster and a cowboy hat, although this is dependent on armor or clothing mods he may be reviewing. He is a caucasian male who sports a manly doom rider mustache and back blast hair. He is the 4th preset of the Caucasian male in New Vegas. Al plays as this in Fallout 3 as well, although he is not present as often as his New Vegas counterpart. Since the events of New Vegas Mods: Farewell New Vegas, Al has been exiled to the Commonwealth due to the successful Radio and Business Radroach attack.


Al has been known to have a very good karma rating, as he tends to choose the "good" options in the game. He is known to avoid options that will get him negative karma, even going to the extent of reloading previous saves to avoid "bad" decisions. However, exceptions can be seen throughout a number of his videos. He is on good terms with the NCR, but is vilified by Caesar's Legion and is often attacked by the Legionary Assassins in his videos, as they seem to show up at the worst time while he's reviewing a mod.

Al has a seemingly infinite amount of caps, ammo, and stimpaks, although tends to burn through the latter quite quickly. In some of his videos, he is shown to have as many as 900,000 bottle caps, and thousands of rounds of various types of ammo.

He is seemingly a big Enclave supporter, seeing as how he has joined so many Enclave factions. He won't, however, hesitate to kill Enclave soldiers that shoot at him. 

He is a veteran of the Vietnam War, and sometimes recalls his service during his adventures (an example being him comparing beartraps in Silent Hill to Vietnam, commenting that "you need to watch the ground").


Al has had many companions in his videos, some from the actual game and some from mods. There were originally five main companions, but since Ballarm's return, there are now eight that he uses and swaps out on a regular basis:

  • Mister Cuddlesworth: From the Baby Deathclaw Commander mod, he was a Baby Deathclaw who Al found and raised into an adult Deathclaw. He also ate a Stealth Boy, which gave him the ability to frequently turn invisible. (Similar to the Stealth Nightstalkers in the vanilla game) Mister Cuddlesworth has been featured in more videos than any of the other followers, and was the first of the five to be used by Al. He and Jerry seem to be Al's favorites.
  • Jerry McGhoulBerry: Though he has the physical appearance of a ghoul, Jerry is actually a reanimated corpse that Al created in the Buildable Bots mod. Al held a contest that let fans choose the the corpse's name (who was just called Reanimated Corpse when he was created). "Jerry McGhoulBerry" won with the most votes, and is the name for the character, though "Uncle Fester The Child Molester" stood out to Al.
  • Steve the Radroach: Originally just named "Radroach," Steve was given to Al by a GECK programmer who made a Radroach companion. Al decided to name him Steve. He often helps Al find items he needs for quests, as he seems to have a large amount of information about stashes of items throughout the wastes.
  • Captain James Ballarms: A trigger-happy, communist-hating Protectron that originated in the DEIMOS mod as a random Protectron that Al renamed. During battle, many of his catchphrases are about communists, which he refers to as "commies," even when the enemy they are fighting is not a communist. He also frequently gives out hugs, though Al does not approve of it. In the montage "The Return Of Janet", Ballarms was sent back in time with Al's newborn baby to catch up with the remaining Business Radroaches. Ballarms would later return in The Return of Ballarms montage.
  • Janet: A companion from the Skunkwater Gulch mod. She is a robobrain whose brain can later be transferred into a female human. After doing this, she will thank you with sex and companionship. After several mod reviews, Al hinted to viewers that Janet could possibly be pregnant; shown by some signs in Al's videos and dialogue Al had with his companions in New Vegas and in Skyrim. During a mod review, she was kidnapped by the Business Radroaches and was gone for many months, though while she was gone she could often be seen on Al's Pip-Boy map. During an attempt to end the Business Radroaches once and for all in the montage The Return of Janet, he came across Janet in their main base and rescued her. She has now become one of Al's main companions again.
  • Sizzler: A young child modded by Al himself, she has integrated into Al's family as an adopted daughter of his. She has made sporadic appearances in Al's New Vegas mod reviews, usually being an on-off character. When she does appear, she acts as Al's student even though she occasionally disappears even when in Al's company. She was left in the past, but has since been rescued. Because of her frequent appearances at Al's house and in mod reviews, she has become a main companion.
  • A.J.: A.J. is Al and Janet's son who Al sent back to the past in The Return of Janet montage. He grew up with Ballarms and then returned to Al in The Return of Ballarms montage. Since his return, he has been learning about survival in the wasteland from his father and mother and has become one of Al's main companions. He frequently tweets about whatever is happening.

Other companions that have been featured in his videos are:

  • Crier Breach: A simple-minded clone of Al. He is obsessed with the Atomic Wrangler and constantly tries to convince people to visit it. His attempts to do this often involve making exaggerated and misleading claims about what can be found there, much to Al's frustration.
  • Woof Bot: A highly aggressive robotic version of Dogmeat, he usually, when he's not being hostile, follows Al in the Capital Wasteland.
  • Vanessa: A heavy drinking medic with a penchant for burping, she follows Al in the Capital Wasteland and is comparable to Cass but is only less annoying to Al.
  • Axe Man: Originally a DayZ persona, Axe Man was later turned into New Vegas companion mod. Since then he has made several appearances along side Al and his main companions, becoming a highly popular character.
  • Pepa Greens: Pepa Greens is a small furret, akin to Steve, who has joined Al in several videos as a companion. With Steve as her mentor, Pepa Greens has been learning the ropes on how to fight and shake her ass just like he does. Despite being small, each time she returns, she helps Al defeat huge monsters throughout wasteland, like a giant cazador and mutated deathclaws.
  • Rose of Sharon Cassidy: A long time companion, whom he killed out of annoyance. He nicknamed her "the stupid bitch." Al shot her head off in annoyance, but she returned in the Fallout: New Vegas modded playthrough with a new look.
  • Veronica: She is barely more than a dressup doll for him, when he reviews mods. Veronica is currently alive and at the 188.
  • Rex: A robotic dog that died on many occasions and was eventually brought back to life by Paladin V0ci in special montage video.
  • Willow: A companion from the "Willow Companion Mod," she is a blond haired girl with which Al's player character once had sex. She rarely gets used by him anymore, because he found her to be annoying. During the review of the Skyrim mod Vilja, part 1, it is officially announced that she was deceased.
  • Gully: A feral ghoul companion in vault guard armor whose constant seizures would frustrate Al in the Angel Park Mod videos. He later made a return in the Hell on Earth mod video.
  • Gordon Freeman: A minor companion used in Wasteland Defense episodes 21 and 22. He didn't fight that much which explains why he only starred in two videos; due to this his current status is unknown, though he is suspected to be at the Rave Club.
  • Little G: A Mister Gutsy robot that appeared in Big Baby Fiver - Part 1. When Al and his companions raided Caesar's fortress and went to kill Caesar, Little G was destroyed. He also appeared in the Fallout Dust series on episode 12 but later dies again.
  • Mr. Geck: A companion from the mod "A World of Wacky." A real estate agent who sells terrible tiny homes to random people and tried to sell one to Al as well. Mr. Geck is deceased.
  • Hoovers: A companion modded by Al from the Skunkwater Gulch mod. Hoovers is a robot horse who followed Al during the Deathclaw Duster Mod. Hoovers is deceased.
  • Proxima: A Roboscorpion/Robodog companion who could change between the two robot forms. Proxima appeared during the Rancho Villa Mod, and had a brief appearance in Skunkwater Gulch Part 1. Proxima's current state is unknown, though it is likely at the rave club.
  • Chumpkins: A modded enemy from the Monster Mod, Chumpkins is a cat that has 4 fusion bombs strapped on him, leading him to cause a major explosion when he dies. Al has used him for a challenge, to see how long he can prevent Chumpkins from dying, but also as a strategic weapon. He is used as a weapon against the Business Radroaches in The Return of Janet.
  • Buzz: A radroach that stands on its hind legs and speaks (with a stereotypical Mexican accent) like a human, made with the Monster Costumes mod. Al found him gross and disturbing. Buzz is deceased.
  • Fat Fuck Boone: A vanilla companion that was modded with the Chunky Duncan Race mod. Al needed someone to help show this mod, so he went and got Boone. Fat Fuck Boone is presumed to be deceased.
  • Abraham Drinkin: An Abraham Lincoln duplicate that travels with Al in his Fallout 3 videos. His favorite thing to do is drink, and Al always accommodates his needs by picking up some whiskey in the Capitol Wasteland along their journeys. He is very quiet.
  • Skitters: The first Radroach that Al started traveling with in his Fallout 3 modded playthrough. Named for his "greeting", which is "Skitter skitter, scratch scratch."
  • Scratch: Started as an accidental, glitch-created clone of Skitters but then became known as Scratch, Skitters' brother. Al can often be heard singing a "Skitters and Scratch" song during his modded Fallout 3 playthrough.
  • Puppy: Puppy is a ghost dog that was introduced in the video Fallout 3 Mods: AAT Phone Company - Part 1 . Puppy appeared when Al was pissed off by his companions because they killed the people of Tenpenny Tower. According to Al, Puppy is a transforming chameleon puppy dog that likes to transform to different things to blend in to his environment, when in reality Puppy's texture file is located in the wrong folders, causing his strange camouflage abilities.
  • The Purr: A man embedded with Chumpkins DNA, he also explodes (and spawns numerous more Chumpkins) when killed.
  • Kitten Boy: The Purr's sidekick, who is currently getting wasted in the sewers where Al left him with absinthe after The Purr died.
  • Mrs. Ballarms: Captain Ballarms' wife. She loses her children and goes along with Al to try and rescue them. from slavers. Ballarms doesn't get to see her when she appears due to being sent back in time. Al has promised to reunite them soon.
  • Niner: Niner is a drug addict from the Niner Companion Mod that Al picked up near Goodsprings. Al often gets annoyed with his constant chatter and singing, much like Willow, but seems to like him regardless.
  • Balls: formerly known as 'Al's Dog', Balls was a demonic talking dog that fittingly also had a demonic voice. He got his name by biting other people's balls and brutally murdering them in his dark alley. He was first seen in Al's playthroughs of Vault 69. He returns as his own mod, voiced by Al (actually part of the mod). In his current position, he is set up to return at any time. Balls made an appearance in Al's 2013 Christmas Montage 'The Three Days After Christmas, Christmas Special' When Al left his unwanted Christmas Present In Balls' alleyway.
  • Elephant Man: The Elephant Man followed Al through Courier's Cache. He had been teased and made fun of all of his life, which is why he got his name. Al was also disgusted from his face and wished that he would die. He later ran away and Al ditched him before he could return.
  • Not-Ballarms: Not-Ballarms is a robot Al built in his Fallout New Vegas Modded series, named for his resemblance to Captain Ballarms. He is currently deceased.
  • TVtron: A robot made by AlchestBreach. He is liked by Al because of his creative shaped, however Al dislikes his laserbeam. TVtron also annoys Al at times.
  • Cap'n Chumps: A dog featured in the War Trash series whose life was cut short by a band of raiders. Al intended for Chumps to live through the entire playthrough, but the dog was accidentally caught in a crossfire and killed.
  • Fiend Merc: An unnamed jet-addicted Fiend mercenary that once accompanied Al in his second excursion to the past. She has a mutant ability to raise herself back from the dead, effectively making her immortal.
  • Private Jenson: A companion Al rescued from the famous Haunted House mod. He, however, unfortunately dies twice; his first death being from Al's mortal enemy; Radios. He was later cloned by Al so they could both continue with their adventure. His second death shows that he was spazzing out in the floor, most likely dying of fall damage.
  • Lil' G: Dust Companion
  • Corpse Buddy: Dust Companion
  • Private John?: A Great Plains soldier from the Plains of Betrayal mod
  • Chainz the Chainsaw : The first companion that is an actual weapon, also from the Dust mod.
  • Buddy Chicken : A robotic chicken.
  • Crockett : A Modified Securitron with the face of Davy Crockett that can process food and water. Has a drug and gambling problem. Most known for playing Davy Crockett music into battle.
  • alchestbreach: One of Al's clones, he has the habit of running away to urinate. He was later killed by Al himself (unless he was unconscious the whole time). Unlike Al, he wore distinct black hat.
  • and many other companions that aren't noted.


  • There is currently a mod of this Fallout character on the Nexus.
  • He has an easter egg dedicated to him in the Fallout: New Vegas mod New Vegas Bounties II, as well as another mod by the same author, The Inheritance. Another easter egg was found by a fan in a mod called Strangers Abroad, in which there is a room full of cockroaches with a skeleton named Jaremy on top of a paint-written sign saying "Steve wuz here", as well as a teddy bear named Mr.Snugglesworth. The author of New Vegas Bounties and The Inheritance, someguy2000, is a fan of Al's videos.
  • It is revealed in Part 52 of Al's Modded New Vegas Playthrough that Caleb McCaffery is his father, and a rather abusive one, although Al still dresses like him. Maybe to get some form of attention from McCaffery.
  • He was once turned into a ghoul during Fallout New Vegas Mods:Fourfer! - Part 1.
  • He did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where instead of water, he dropped fans and cars on his head.
  • In New Vegas Mods: The Abandoned Complex Part 1, it was learned Al is alright with train eating after he learned that "the Geneva Convention doesn't hate eating trains".
  • In The Return of Janet Montage , Al's unnamed child was born in a Buisness Radroach base, put into Ballarms, and sent back in time. The two were captured by the radios, who tried to convice them to help the radios, however the two escaped and went to New Vegas. Al meets his son for the first time in Fallout New Vegas Montages: The Return of Ballarms!, after they escaped confinement. Al happily accepts both of them back.
    • Following The Return of Ballarms Montages, two possible continuity errors had been created. The first being that at the end of The Return of Janet Montage, the final scene showed Ballarms in Megaton "creating an army", and while it is entirely possible that this army was created, Ballarms and Al's son were both captured by the radios and no mention to an army was made in it's respective montage. The second possible error comes from a recording by B.A.L.L.A.R.M.S. ver 8.0 stating that Ballarms and Al's son had been sent back hundreds of years, Al's son had become an evil genius, and he used advanced technology to create a weapon. Considering Al's son was still quite young when he reunited with his father, he couldn't have been sent hundreds of years in the past and it is more likely that the android was malfunctioning. It is unknown if these alternate possibilities are completly debunked.
  • It was revealed in Fallout New Vegas Mods: RobCo Certified - Part 1 that he knew of a tribe called the "Purple Skins" who ate turnips and pooped purple feistiest and rubbed it on there face, after generations they're DNA making them have purple skin. And now have to be called "Professor Purple Skin".
  • Has a curved penis, as stated in New Vegas: Dust - Part 37.
  • He is 65% Chinese, as stated in New Vegas Mods: Retribution For The Shi - Part 2.
  • Al is often seen using a Millenia's Uzi mod for New Vegas in mod reviews meaning the Uzi could be one of his favorite weapons, he also stated he loves M14's meaning he probably uses the UZI as a secondary weapon (like a pistol) and a M14 as a Primary Weapon.
  • Al has never seen Mulan or Cory in the House, as stated in New Vegas Mods: New Vegas Police! - Part 1
  • Al has had multiple jobs as a Police Officer in the past. It is likely Law Enforcement is one of his occupations. (Along with Bounty Hunting and Mercenary Work.)
  • While Al worked as a courier, it is unknown if Al is really Courier Six as some fan theories state Al killed the Courier and took his place. It is unknown if these are true. According to a mod he had reviewed, he was technically Courier Two (at least through his clone).
  • It is also unknown who won the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam or if it even occurred with out Al/The Courier helping one of the factions in the battle, it is possible the battle went on without Al and resulted in a stale mate, if Al was present at Hoover Dam (Most likely fighting for the NCR or House) but even his presence couldn't win the battle for either side, and some theories go as far to say that Doctor Do Little (Al's FNV play through character) is canon and his fight at Hoover Dam is canon.
  • Al, after time traveling to the world of Fallout 4, manages to find work in Fallout 4 Quest Mods: Attack on Ortaria - Part 1.
  • Al, has a cameo appearance in Shoddycast's Fallout Storyteller series in The Storyteller: S3 E12 - The Master (Fallout 1 Ending).
  • It is possible Al's god like abilities because of his constant use of console commands.
  • In Fallout 4 Quest Mods: The Breach Fan Club! it is revealed that the intros he does at the beginning of every series he says it out loud.
  • He gets headaches when he touches doors. He takes dramamine to negate these headaches. [1]
  • He is possibly bisexual, as he has flirted with his female companions in the past as well as Sergeant Peterson.
  • He claims he isn't a good cook, but he can microwave a hot pocket. [2]



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