In recent times, Al has decided to regulate his channel, creating a more formalized upload schedule. 

This schedule doesn't contain the random videos sometimes uploaded by Al, such as channel announcements or Cat Tales.

Monday/Misc. Monday/Fallout: FrostEdit

Each Monday since Feb. 25, 2013, Al has uploaded a small series of videos of a random game of his choosing. these games can range from small, unknown games to full-blown titles such as Mafia II. One game, The Sims 3, was even turned into an entire series.

Starting in December 2013 Al Decided to play a single game for an entire month on Monday based on a public vote. After playing through Kerbal Space Program(December), STALKER(January) and Spore(February) in month-long series called Misc. Monthday, Al has resumed uploading Miscellaneous games on Monday. Recently, Al has begun a new series for Misc Monday, Shadow Warrior. He has since gone back to Misc. Monday

He has discontinued Misc. Monday and replaced it with Fallout FROST recently.

Tuesday/CO-OP gamesEdit

Since June 11th, 2013 Al uploaded videos of his playthrough of State of Decay. After completing it in a 35 Part series, Al began uploading videos of his playthrough of Game Dev Tycoon on October 8th, 2013. After completing that in a 27 part series, Al stopped uploading on Tuesday until Feburary 18th, 2014 with the creation of the ongoing DayZ standalone series called "TuesDayZ". Since his channel update in June 2014, Al has announced that he would take a break from playing DayZ and come back to it at a later date. He now plays coop games such as Far Cry 4 with George on Tuesdays.

Currently, Al doesn't upload on Tuesdays.


Every Wednesday since Feb. 13, 2013 Al has uploaded a video of Real Life Friends (RLF). In this series Al talks with his friends about their daily lives, adventures they've had, what they would do in a certain situation, ect. Each episode is usually an hour long and is currently ongoing. The series actually started on Nov 13, 2012, and it wasn't until the 14th episode that he began to upload it regularly on Wednesdays. He has moved RLF to a new channel separate from his gaming channel.

Al also uploaded his Fallout: New Vegas Modded series on Wednesdays.

Thursday/Bi-weekly Skyrim Mod Review/Fallout 3 Mod Review ThursdayEdit

Every Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod Al has reviewed since Jan. 11th, 2013 (Skyrim Mods: Wyrmstooth - Part 4) have been uploaded on Thursday. Other than being on a schedule, the content of the videos have been largely unchanged.

Starting on March 6th 2014 Al started a bi-weekly schedule for his Skyrim/Fallout 3 Mod Reviews. (Fallout 3 Mods: Vault 691 - Part 1) Al mentioned in a Channel update (Channel Update - 200k Subs!) that this was due to fans requesting he return to Fallout 3 as well as the fact that he isn't really into the Fantasy genre. The last official Thursday Skyrim Mod Review aired on July 10th, 2014 with the mod Ogmund's Tomb .

Al has replaced this with Fallout 4 mod reviews and Fallout 4 FROST in its early episodes.

Friday/Fallout: New Vegas Mod Review FridayEdit

Every Friday since Apr. 12, 2013 (Fallout New Vegas Mods: Time Machine! - Part 1) Al has uploaded a series of videos of him playing a Fallout New Vegas mod. Other than being on a schedule, the content of the videos have largely been unchanged.

Saturday/Sim Saturday Edit

Als playthrough of The Sims 3, originally just a Misc. Monday game, became so popular that he released more videos and by episode seven (April 20th) he began to upload the series on Saturdays. The weekly series currently has more than 120 episodes. He plays as The Duggart family. He has also recently started another Sims series based on a RLF episode, playing as The Cop Family. And recently after a few brutal deaths at the Duggarts, Al decided to make the The Animal House and The Roper House (AKA "Kid City")...Only for Animal house to be quickly abandoned and for a brutal murder spree in Kid City. With the end of the Duggart Family series, Al has since started a new family, and therefore a new series, with the Gurp Family. He now plays The Sims 4, alternating between, The Duggarts, Bachelor Bobby, and The Cop family.

This has since been discontinued and replaced by continuation videos of Fallout Fridays.

Sunday/Indie SundayEdit

Each Sunday since Feb. 3, 2013, Al has uploaded content of him playing games made by independent developers. The content of these games can range from star-faring, space exploration, to the non-sensible, Keyboard Drumset F*#cking Werewolf. Two games, State of Decay and Game Dev Tycoon, have become their own series. Kerbal Space Program, Faster Than Light and Super Amazing Wagon Adventure also had their own (very short lived) series.

He dropped this for a while and brought it back on February 5, 2017 with The Wall Shall Stand! - My Rock Band!

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