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AlChestBreach, normally called Al by his fans, is a YouTuber known for his mod reviews and DLC playthroughs of the game Fallout: New Vegas. More recently, he has expanded his repertoire, and began uploading videos of a modded Fallout 3 playthrough and has done "Let's Play" videos of Fallout New Vegas, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto IV, Payday: The Heist, The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimSaints Row: The Third, Amnesia: The Dark Descent , Far Cry 3, The Walking DeadThe Sims 3, and is currently doing a DayZ playthrough. He has started three new video series, one called Indie Sunday where he plays indie games, Misc. Monday where he plays a random game (although now he lets fans choose a certain game title for the whole month, to be played every Monday), TuesDayZ where he plays DayZ, and Sims Saturday or Sims with Al where he plays The Sims 3 switching between his two created families: The Duggarts and The Cops


Al's avatar in New Vegas, sporting his trademark duster, hat and mustache
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In Fallout: New Vegas (Al's most featured game on his channel), Al's Courier is  named Doctor DoLittle, or more recently, Al Chestbreach, and he typically wears a Duster and a Cowboy hat, though he will often wear other armor if it is from a mod he is reviewing. His character is a caucasian male who sports a manly doom rider mustache and back blast hair. Al has a seemingly infinite amount of caps, ammo, and stimpaks, although he the last one is scarce for Al. In some of his videos, he is shown to have as many as 900,000 bottle caps, and thousands of rounds of various types of ammo.

Al has a very good karma rating, as he tends to choose the "good" options in the game. He is known to avoid options that will get him negative karma, even going to the extent of reloading previous saves to avoid "bad" decisions. However, exceptions can be seen throughout a number of his videos. He is on good terms with the NCR, but is vilified by Caesar's Legion and is often attacked by their assassins in his videos.


Al is known for getting easily distracted in reviews, sometimes shouting at NPCs for doing really annoying or stupid things, a good example being when he yelled at the character Willow for giving him explosives that killed Rex because they were more powerful than he thought they would be. Reviews will often be drastically sidetracked by long, meandering dialogues with his companions, during which he regularly attempts to keep them focused and professional for the review, or attends to their various neuroses. He will often attempt to engage enemies in conversation, and is inevitably dismayed when they react with violence. This is particularly notable with radroaches; his attempts to befriend them was a hallmark of his earlier videos, although the acquisition of Steve (see Companions) appears to have sated the majority of his desire for creepy crawly companionship.

Upon encountering any items that appear ordered or arranged neatly in any way, Al will almost invariably pick them up and throw them around at random, often remarking "that's where that goes" with evident satisfaction.

When scared, he always goes "ass first" into what he's scared of. This can be seen many times in his Fallout New Vegas Mods: Hell On Earth(Redux!) Series in every part.

When reading any text that appears in the course of a review, Al will usually narrate in an impression of the text's writer, although he rapidly stops following the actual text and begins to replace lines with tangentially related scenarios, which are usually gruesome or end with "it was horrible," before rejoining the thread of the text.

He often speaks in a replication of a humorous accent. His most commonly used accent is of an old person which he uses to represent viewers, telling about his past, and when reading notes the most. A pseudo-Italian accent is often assumed when speaking about his past or future. Although less frequently, a cartoon-like voice is used when he is narrating some characters in his productions. Others include feminine accents, children accents (higher pitched words and infrequent use of proper terminology), and an action movie narrator that he uses during some montages such as Fallout New Vegas Trailer Brahmin Hunter and Fallout New Vegas Trailer Overencumbered Man or during dramatic V.A.T.S moments. When using the Italian accent, he often says "Papa" to denote the beginning of a transition into the formerly stated child-like accent. When using the elderly accent, he often starts by saying "when I was your age" to indicate a coming story of odd mischief. 

He also seems to use the word "baby" quite a bit. For example, when doing a series of videos in which he reviewed five minor mods, he called them "baby mods." He also has a tendency to give generic NPCs (such as "Goodsprings Settler") names, using the surname "McGee" frequently. People, and occasionally inanimate objects, that annoy him are usually referred to as "hussies." Al appears to enjoy singing and bananas, and vocally savors whatever food he happens to be eating during the course of a review.

When reviewing mods, he puts them into categories by taking the number of mods in the review and adding "er" at the end. For example, when he had five mods to review in his Roswell video, he titled it Fallout New Vegas Mods: Fiver of Roswell. For every mod that has four or less mods, he will add "fer" at the end instead. For example, if the video showcases three mods, he will call it a "threefer." He occasionally will add "McDeefer" at the end when there are three mods making it a "Threefer McDeefer." He used to add "Queen Latifah" as well making it a "Threefer McDeefer, Queen Latifah." However, the practice has seen an unexplained decline. The same mannerisms continue through "fivers," "sixers," and others through the extended addition of rhyming terminology. (i.e. "Fiver McDiver.")

Al has been known to consistently fumble over words and mispronounce things, an occurrence often followed by him saying that he "can't speak" or that he "doesn't know English." He has previously joked that he's recovering from a brain tumor, though this is obvious sarcasm. When he attempts to finish a sentence but fails, he sometimes makes choking, coughing, and/or gurgling noises to mask the mishap.


Al has a very characteristic and highly entertaining laugh. Often referred to within his subscriber base as the "Monkey Laugh", it most frequently appears when situations in his playthroughs get out of hand or when ridiculous events spontaneously occur.

The Monkey Laugh often shows up in Al's playthroughs and mod reviews in Skyrim, thanks to the cinematic (and frequently brutal) killmove system which that game incorporates. Whereas men of lesser humor would find themselves increasingly bored or disaffected by the killmoves, Al reacts to every one with a compelling mixture of horror and amusement.

Alchestbreach's CharactersEdit

His character is the 4th preset of the Caucasian male in New Vegas with a duster in New Vegas. In Fallout 3, his character is the same as his New Vegas character but with Brotherhood Of Steel armor instead of a duster.


During Al's videos, he has a tendency to use a variety of different voices depending on what characters he's around and who he's playing as.

  • Old man voice: His most commonly used voice; this voice can be heard in almost all of his videos.
  • Feminine voice: The second most used voice is his really bad female voice impression; which can be heard in a lot in Fallout mod reviews.
  • Kermit the Frog: Al has an almost perfect impression of Kermit the Frog, seemingly to the point where it's creepy. This voice can be heard in a lot in his Saints Row the Third videos.
  • Duke Nukem voice: His Duke Nukem voice is the voice Al uses when he says one-liners.
  • "Consuela" voice: His "consuela" voice is the one he used to talk as Mario in the Super Mario Bros. video. Consuela comes from the television show Family Guy, where she is the maid. 
  • Irish/Scottish voice: This voice is used on occasion when he's in combat. It can be heard many times in the After School Special mod review
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger voice: He is known for doing this impression for long periods of time in his videos, mostly making random Schwarzenegger sounding noises that can't be understood.
  • Subscriber/Viewer Voice: He uses this voice to express the point of view of a viewer of his video. This voice can be heard in most videos. e.g. = "So I was watching this AlChestBreach video and he died like 1000 times, it was the worst thing ever... ". and ending with a very saracastically annoyed, "UNSUBSCRIBE."


Al has had many companions in his videos, some from the actual game and some from mods, but there are only five he uses on a regular basis:

  • Mister Cuddlesworth: From the Baby Deathclaw Commander mod, he was a Baby Deathclaw who Al found and raised into an adult Deathclaw. He also ate a Stealth Boy, which gave him the ability to frequently turn invisible. Mister Cuddlesworth has been featured in more videos than any of the other followers, and was the first of the five to be used by Al. He and Jerry seem to be Al's favorites.
  • Jerry McGhoulBerry: Though he has the physical appearance of a ghoul, Jerry is actually a reanimated corpse that Al created during a mod review. Al held a contest that let fans choose the the corpse's name (who was just called Reanimated Corpse when he was created). "Jerry McGhoulBerry" won with the most votes, and is the name for the character, though "Uncle Fester The Child Molester" stood out to Al.
  • Steve the Radroach: Originally just named "Radroach," Steve was given to Al by a GECK programmer who made a Radroach companion. Al decided to name him Steve. He often helps Al find items he needs for quests, as he seems to have a large amount of information about stashes of items throughout the wastes.
  • Captain Ballarms: A communist-hating Protectron that originated in the DEIMOS mod as a random Protectron that Al renamed. During battle, many of his catchphrases are about communists, which he refers to as "commies," even when the enemy they are fighting is not a communist. He also frequently gives out hugs, though Al does not approve of it. In the montage "The Return Of Janet", Ballarms was sent back in time with Al's newborn baby to catch up with the remaining Business Radroaches. At the moment, his current status is unknown, though he still appears in the Fallout: New Vegas modded playthrough.
  • Janet: A companion from the Skunkwater Gulch mod. She is a robobrain whose brain can later be transferred into a female human. After doing this, she will thank you with sex and companionship. After several mod reviews, Al hinted to viewers that Janet could possibly be pregnant; shown by some signs in Al's videos and dialogue Al had with his companions in New Vegas and in Skyrim. During a mod review, she was kidnapped by the Business Radroaches and was gone for many months, though while she was gone she could often be seen on Al's Pip-Boy map. During an attempt to end the Business Radroaches once and for all in the montage The Return of Janet, he came across Janet in their main base and rescued her. She has now become one of Al's main companions again.

Other companions that have been featured in his videos are:   

  • Rose of Sharon Cassidy: A long time companion, whom he killed out of annoyance. He nicknamend her "the stupid bitch." Al shot her head off in annoyance, but she returned in the Fallout: New Vegas modded playthrough with a new look.
  • Veronica: She is barely more than a dressup doll for him, when he reviews mods. Veronica is currently alive and at the 188.
  • Rex: A robotic dog that died on many occasions and was eventually brought back to life by Paladin V0ci in special montage video.
  • Willow: A companion from the "Willow Companion Mod," she is a blond haired girl with which Al's player character once had sex. She rarely gets used by him anymore, because he found her to be annoying. During the review of the Skyrim mod Vilja, part 1, it is officially announced that she was deceased.
  • Chester the Squirrel: A companion seen in the Minecraft series Go West, he is a rabbit, but is called a squirrel by Al. He has been killed many times and is now a "Chester 5.0."
  • Gully: A feral ghoul companion in vault guard armor whose constant seizures would frustrate Al in the Angel Park Mod videos. He later made a return in the Hell on Earth mod video.
  • Gordon Freeman: A minor companion used in Wastleland Defense episodes 21 and 22. He didn't fight that much which explains why he only starred in two videos; due to this his current status is unknown, though he is suspected to be at the disco club.
  • Little G: A Mister Gutsy robot that appeared in Big Baby Fiver - Part 1. When Al and his companions raided Caesar's fortress and went to kill Caesar, Little G was destroyed.
  • Mr. Geck: A companion from the mod "A World of Wacky." A real estate agent who sells terrible tiny homes to random people and tried to sell one to Al as well. Mr. Geck is deceased.
  • Hoovers: A companion modded by Al from the Skunkwater Gulch mod. Hoovers is a robot horse who followed Al during the Deathclaw Duster Mod. Hoovers is deceased.
  • Proxima: A Roboscorpion/Robodog companion who could change between the two robot forms. Proxima appeared during the Rancho Villa Mod. Proxima's current state is unknown, though it is likely at the disco club.
  • Chumpkins: A modded enemy from the Monster Mod, Chumpkins is a cat that has 4 fusion bombs strapped on him, leading him to cause a major explosion when he dies. Al has used him for a challenge, to see how long he can prevent Chumpkins from dying, but also as a strategic weapon. He is used as a weapon against the Business Radroaches in The Return of Janet.
  • Buzz: A radroach that stands on its hind legs and speaks (with a stereotypical Mexican accent) like a human, made with the Monster Costumes mod. Al found him gross and disturbing. Buzz is deceased.
  • Fat Fuck Boone: A vanilla companion that was modded with the Chunky Duncan Race mod. Al needed someone to help show this mod, so he went and got Boone. Fat Fuck Boone is presumed to be deceased.
  • Abraham Drinkin: An Abraham Lincoln duplicate that travels with Al in his Fallout 3 videos. His favorite thing to do is drink, and Al always accommodates his needs by picking up some whiskey in the Capitol Wasteland along their journeys. He is very quiet.
  • Skitters: The first Radroach that Al started traveling with in his Fallout 3 modded playthrough. Named for his "greeting", which is "Skitter skitter, scratch scratch."
  • Scratch: Started as an accidental, glitch-created clone of Skitters but then became known as Scratch, Skitters' brother. Al can often be heard singing a "Skitters and Scratch" song during his modded Fallout 3 playthrough.
  • Puppy : Puppy is a ghost dog that was introduced in the video Fallout 3 Mods: AAT Phone Company - Part 1 . Puppy appeared when Al was pissed off by his companions because they killed the people of Tenpenny Tower. According to Al, Puppy is a transforming chameleon puppy dog that likes to transform to different things to blend in to his environment, when in reality Puppy's texture file is located in the wrong folders, causing his strange camouflage abilities.
  • The Purr: A man embedded with Chumpkins DNA, he also explodes when killed.
  • Kitten Boy: The Purr's sidekick, who is currently getting wasted in the sewers where Al left him with absinthe after The Purr died.
  • Mrs. Ballarms: Captain Ballarms' wife. She loses her children and goes along with Al to try and rescue them. from slavers. Ballarms doesn't get to see her when she appears due to being sent back in time. Al has promised to reunite them soon. 
  • Niner: Niner is a drug addict from the Niner Companion Mod that Al picked up near Goodsprings. Al often gets annoyed with his constant chatter and singing, much like Willow, but seems to like him regardless.
  • Balls: formerly known as 'Al's Dog', Balls was a demonic talking dog that ironically also had a demonic voice. He got his name by biting other people's balls and brutally murdering them in his dark alley. He was first seen in Al's playthroughs of Vault 69. He Returns as his own mod, voiced by Al (actually part of the mod). In his current position, he is set up to return at any time. Balls made an appearance in Al's 2013 Christmas Montage, 'The Three Days After Christmas, Christmas Special' When Al left His unwanted Christmas Present In Balls' Alleyway.
  • Elephant Man: The Elephant Man followed Al through Courier's Cache. He had been teased and made fun of all of his life, which is why he got his name. Al was also disgusted from his face and wished that he would die. He later ran away and Al ditched him before he could return.
  • Not-Ballarms: Not-Ballarms is a robot Al built in his Fallout New Vegas Modded series, named for his resemblance to Captain Ballarms. He is currently deceased.
  • Clackers: Clackers is a small Dwarven spider that Al uses in Skyrim.
  • Lydia: Lydia is a vanilla companion who accompanied Al during most of his Skyrim playthrough and mod reviews, she was accidentally killed by Al during his Skyrim Mods: Falskaar - Part 1 video.
  • Hanali: A powerful battlemage and cult deity, she was a temporary replacement for Lydia after her death. 
  • Bruce Hammer-Dick: A highly intelligent, egotistic, anti-lore friendly, fourth wall-breaking, skooma addicted, racist, overpowered Dunmer that accompanied Al during his Skyrim mod review of Brhyce Hammar.
  • Vilja: A Skaal woman that shares the same name as her great-great grandmother, she accompanied Al during his Skyrim showcasing of her mod.
  • TVtron: A Robot made by AlchestBreach. He is liked by Al because of his creative shaped, however Al dislikes his laserbeam. TVtron also annoys Al at times.
  • Cap'n Chumps: A dog featured in the War Trash series whose life was cut short by a band of raiders. Al intended for Chumps to live through the entire playthrough, but the dog was accidentally caught in a cross fire and killed.
  • Drone: A player in DayZ who played with Al when he first started his DayZ videos.
  • Other: Some of Al's fans like to refer to themselves as the Chestbreachian Army, a Fallout-based militia that keeps the Radios at bay in the Mojave, as well as the Capital Wasteland. They have said to have had encounters with Business Radroaches, all ending in violent engagements. 


  • There's currently a mod of his Fallout character in the Nexus.
  • He claims to live on the Moon in an Earth-like dome. It is presumed he makes these claims to keep his online and real life separate, as evidenced by his updates, in which he wears a mask to conceal his face. Al has said he "only shows his face on other channels."
  • He once had an AMA on Reddit.
  • He has several cats and a squirrel friend name Gerald who he recently had a fight with. They are often featured or mentioned in his update videos and on his series "Cat Tales."
  • He has an easter egg dedicated to him in the Fallout: New Vegas mod New Vegas Bounties II, as well as another mod by the same author, The Inheritance. Another easter egg was found by a fan in a mod called Strangers Abroad, in which there is a room full of cockroaches with a skeleton named Jaremy on top of a paint-written sign saying "Steve wuz here", as well as a teddy bear named Mr.Snugglesworth.  The author of New Vegas Bounties and The Inheritance, someguy2000, is a fan of Al's videos.
  • He is part of the comedy channels Billtcm and aV09s,  WARNING: YOU CAN SEE HIS FACE ON THESE CHANNELS.
  • In 2011 he did an interview with 0periodproductions at New York Comic Con, and has appeared in several of their videos since (Warning: his face is shown in many of these videos.)  He is a part of the channel but does not appear in most videos.
  • His Facebook fan page is AlChestBreach.
  • Al has claimed to work at a box factory, it's assumed that this is a joke, like him living on the moon.
  • He was affected by Solar Storm Sandy. He lived in his sister's apartment at the time.
  • He calls his cats Harvey & Darlene.
  • It is revealed in Part 52 of Al's Modded New Vegas Playthrough that Caleb McCaffery is his father, and a rather abusive one, although Al still dresses like him. Maybe to get some form of attention from McCaffery.
  • There is a fan-made YouTube channel called ACBRadio, which makes songs and remixes based on content in Al's videos.
  • One of Al's favorite ways to end a mod review is by saying, "See you in the future. AWAAAAAAAAAY!" This seems to be a reference to Professor Farnsworth from the show Futurama, who speaks in a similar dramatic tone from time to time.
  • There is a fan mod that creates Al as a follower that can be found here.
  • Al is mainly a PC gamer though he does have an Xbox 360 and an Xbox Live account, however he does not own a PS3, even stating, "If you added me as a friend on playstation network, then umm yeah, that's not me"
  • His original couriers name was John Goodman and he had a Survivalist Beard instead of his iconic Doom Rider Mustache.
  • He spawned an iFunny account based on his persona from the Silent Hill mod review "Bear Man".
  • According to a mod he had reviewed, he was (unofficially) Courier 2 in Fallout: New Vegas. Despite playing as Courier 6.
  • He also voices Alfred Rex from XRE Rex's Shops.
  • In Real Life Friends 35, Al stated he was an "Aquarius", which means he was born between 20th of January and 18th of February.
  • A running joke in many comment sections of Al's videos is "do more Far Cry 3", despite Ubisoft not letting him upload anymore. This is also a running joke on Real Life Friends.
  • In Let's Draw - Tyler's Cat, Al is seen to be right handed.
  • In Slender The Arrival, Al left a facecam link in the description. The link is here
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