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Al is known for his mod videos, in which he can review many of them at a time, but is also known for creating some. Below is a list of Mods that Al has created so far and possibly a link for download if they are on the Nexus:

Location Edit

  • Bobby Tudd's - A work in progress location and various quests. It seems to be a junk yard that will have other outcasts and hobos living there. The only quest show is one to kill a giant mole rat to retrieve Bobby Tudd's key to his building.

NPC Edit

Weapon Edit

  • The Breacher - A custom shovel with blood on the head, as well as the text "The Breacher". It has 37 damage and 66 DPS. It has a value of 54 and weight of 3. The requirements for it are 0 melee and 3 STR.
  • The Grow Up - A gun that turns children into adults. He only mentions it in a tweet.

Clothing/Armor Edit

  • Al ChestBreach T-Shirt - A black t-shirt with a white contour of Al's face features his iconic hat and sunglasses and mustache.
  • Tube Blanket - Al's trusty duster, with modified Stats.

Other Edit

  • Work in progress - A current mod he is working on appears to be some sort of vehicle that is in very early development.

Gallery Edit

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