!Alot of info is missing fact being i've only been watching Al for a year or two now!

For smaller mods with no quest or for short videos Al makes little quest like in Bad Motherf*cker! He made a Mustard quest He looked for nuka cola bottles for and ingredient and bloatfly meat. Or for Millionaires Vault he mad a quest for a scientist and put some scrap metal and other things to Rebuild Nipton. There are many (I don't know a lot of them) That are famous the Whiskey fiends, Sizzler giving reason for the boxing mod deserves mention, And lets not forget ChoobeeScoots and Fagoop in Vault 24!

Suzie q

Or In Thomas Pinkerton Revengence we got little Suzie Q. A girl who acted like she was kidnapped (Spoiler) She wasn't and ambushed Al with devil children!

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