Al's Mod Conclusion Montages are mini montages that have begun appearing at the end of his Fallout: New Vegas mod reviews. They began during his review of "NV Hunter's Association." The mod conclusion montages have, so far, appeared in several consecutive reviews, so it's safe to assume that they will continue in the future. It isn't known what prompted Al to start the mini montages, but it could have been started to freshen things up a bit, to surprise his fans, or to compensate for his lack of recent montages.

NV Hunter's AssociationEdit

This montage showed Al trying to get GooGoo Bars from a merchant who just kept making him murder molerats, assuring him that THEY were GooGoo bars. Eventually, Al killed him, and made his body into Gore Guns.


The Merchant.

Bandicam 2013-08-17 21-44-57-101

Get your gore guns here!

The DeterrentEdit

After hearing of Paladin Jameson's death while reviewing "The Deterrent", Al sings an autotuned song in his best friend's memory, and buries him.

Bandicam 2013-08-17 21-14-50-505

Jameson, why you gotta make Janet cry?

Run A Shop!Edit

After becoming extremely frustrated with the mod, Al decided to cut his losses and blow the store up for insurance money. And Jimmy, the ghoul employee, despite having his head blown off, is revealed to have survived. This could be a possible future storyline for a montage. Or it follow in the footsteps of the 500th subscriber video and the phone eating a turkey sandwich video, i.e. never happening ever.

Bandicam 2013-08-17 21-20-00-650

The bombed store.

Bandicam 2013-08-17 21-20-23-633


Meyla the BerzerkerEdit

After acquiring B.A.L.L.A.R.M.S ver 8.0 as a companion, Al decides to bring it and Meyla to the newly rebuilt Rita's Café, only for him, Steve, and Sizzler to bail on them through the back door and have an AC-130 bomb the café, killing Meyla, but only to reveal that B.A.L.L.A.R.M.S ver 8.0 survived.

Ac 130

View of the café from the AC-130


The re-destroyed Rita's Café


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