Advice Corner is usually the second to last segment of the show, or last in the event that there is no Story Time. The Friends encourage fans to send in advice requests and offer up the best advice they can think of at the time. The first few episodes that featured an Advice Corner segment drew in some fairly heavy and tough topics prompting the Friends to announce that they would prefer lighter subjects and give a disclaimer that no matter what the subject they would be trying to make light of the situation by offering funny or non-serious answers as well as making fun of the situation. In later episodes the advice questions began to grow longer, prompting the Friends to request that fans try and keep their e-mails short so that they can answer as many advice questions as possible.

The main advice the Friends tend to offer is some form of violence (non-serious answer) and “show them your balls!” (mostly non-serious answer). The Friends advice has resulted in a couple of positive or successful outcomes as well as a few disappointing or unfavorable outcomes as reported by the fans writing in to update the Friends on the results of their advice given. Something the Friends seem to enjoy and encourage the fans to do.

This segment has a Song

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