Abraham, minutes before his death

Abraham Finkel is a recurring character in Al's Sims 3 playthrough, and was the main antagonist of episodes 25 and 26 of the Duggart series.


Abraham first appeared in episode 5 when Bobby visited Claire's house for the first time, while he and Claire were having a dispute. He is later seen holding the then baby Cassie

He was the lover of Claire Ursine, and as such, Bobby and Steven wished to murder him. Abraham was blamed for the death of Harold in episode 25, during a birthday party where Abraham was supposed to be killed. Fans speculated that he probably made a deal with The Grim Reaper in order to have Harold killed, so that Abraham could escape amongst all the confusion. In episode 26, Bobby avenged Harold by assassinating Abraham in a park. It was rumored that Abraham was working with The C.I.A Ice Cream Truck that regularly shows up at the Duggart home. 

R.I.P. Abraham Finkel 

Episode 5-26 


  • When Steven first met him, Al thought he was a woman.
  • Malcolm Landgraab and him share some similarities such as body weight and clothes, and if Malcolm ever

    The Ghost of Abraham after being killed

    took his hair out of that greasy ponytail, it would probably match Abraham's.
  • Despite popular belief, Abraham isn't in fact Cassie's father. Jared Frio is.
  • Before being shot he told Bobby he was about to get engaged to Claire.
  • As of Episode 52, Abraham's former lover Claire has died.
  • He still seemed to talk to Bobby, even after death. 

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