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Abraham Drinkin
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Original Mod






First Appearance

Mothership Zeta Crew - Part 11




  • Rehab




Main Companions

Abraham Drinkin is a main companion of Al's in his Fallout 3 videos. His name indicates himself, a drunk Abraham Lincoln. 


Abraham Drinkin was introduced in Fallout 3 Mods: Mothership Zeta Crew - Part 11. From then on he and Al became good friends, and Drinkin became a regular companion to Al throughout his Fallout 3 mod reviews.


As mentioned above, he first appears in Mothership Zeta Crew, Part 11, and then started to appear in all of Al's Fallout 3 videos. Despite being a regular companion, he does not appear in his Fallout New Vegas playthroughs, or Mod Reviews.


  • He is Al's only humanoid companion that Al does not have wear modded armor during reviews. Instead, Al lets him wear his regular clothes; his black suit and hat. 
  • He carries a scoped .44 Magnum.
    • He used  to carry a rifle, but Al took it away because he was too powerful with it.
  • He seems to get along with Jerry, as they kill a lot of enemies together.
  • Instead of having an "Honest Abe" beard, Abraham has a "Survivalist" beard, despite being Abraham Lincoln.
  • Someone made a recreation of this companion for his respective game. It can be found here.
    • Someone also made a New Vegas version of Abraham Drinkin. It can be found here.

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