a.R.t.h.R. Marconi is a Radiohead that left the Radios in order to free them to freely play music and not be cannon fodders for the Business Radroaches.

Origin Edit

At some point, Ronald Dillinger employed a.R.t.h.R. Marconi and a scientist named Doctor Madison for a plan to rescue Al's companions from the Radios. Crier Breach heard reports of a resistance member living in the Lone Wolf Radio and attempts to detain him, but not before recruiting him in his adventures. He met a.R.t.h.R. Marconi, the resistance member.

Appearances Edit

He only appears from New Vegas Mods: Exterminators II - Part 1 to New Vegas Mods: Exterminators II - Part 4 - Down With Radios, following Crier Breach. In the middle of the mod, they found an underground bunker for other Radio resistance members, ones presumably working with Marconi. At the end of the review, Crier followed Doctor Madison to a canyon where Ronald Dillinger shot what appeared to be an E.M.P. weapon, knocking out Crier, Steve and Jerry McGhoulBerry. He then came down and thanked both Doctor Madison and Marconi for their work. They then dragged Steve and Jerry away when Mister Cuddlesworth and Captain Ballarms almost found them.

It is currently unknown where he is now.

Trivia Edit

  • His first name stands for "A Radio that has Rebelled".
  • He is named after the inventor of radios: Guglielmo Marconi.